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The goal here on Brown Skateboard Blog is to be as transparent as possible for my audience to learn about other people success. To achieve this goal, I’m gonna add my real life experience, my failures, ask 5 to more questions, feature people, Interview them. I’m gonna ask certain individual questions in education, background, failures in work, and style. Social media and video links will be shown and maybe some free give-away.

A lot of content is geared towards graphic designers, skateboarders, art director, and more people that are in there careers, and working in odd jobs. Anyone is welcome to read and join my posts.

Inspiration Quote: Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it. – Bruce Lee

Hi, everyone! Here’s the deal:

I believe some of us want to do better in our life and make more money and do what we love to do! We can’t just sit around and wait for someone to come on our doorstep. We have to go after our goals. If we don’t, someone else will take our ideas, and accomplish it and become a millionaire or billionaire. We are creative, thinkers, open-minded people with great work…

“Shark Tank” is live television with people trying to sale their inventions. Some had work so hard to get where they want to be and some didn’t get a deal when they walk out that door. I’m a fan of the show because it shows me more of what I need to work on. Gratefully, some left without that deal but other companies reach out to them and help them and they succeed.

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About Brown Skateboard Community Brand: 

Mellisa T. Brown founded Brown Skateboard in December 2012. The struggles she experienced during college and as a young adult inspired her journey in entrepreneurship. The vision for Brown Skateboard is to showcase artwork illustration, original logo, typography, drawings and culture in athletics lifestyle through unique products in t-shirt’s, skateboards, snap-back hats, socks, art prints, accessories. Her big dream in business is to uncover success and to explore the world.

Mellisa T Brown Story: 

As a little girl Mellisa won honor roll awards and join the Special Olympians through the 5th to 6th grade. She started to love sports as she anticipated with other teams. She was in rollerskating, bowling, swimming, track and field, softball, volleyball. All these sports she was in, she won certificates, and medals.

Skipping through the years in her past…

When she went to her college at the Art Institute of Charlotte in 2009. She had no clue of knowing about software’s in graphic design. She was stuck and lost. For Mellisa to gain her skills she went to tutor successions, read lots of books in the library in school, rent books online, read magazines, watched YouTube videos, and listen to audio. After college was done in 2012, she began to struggle in printing, and not paying attention to details in her work. She did it all again as I mention above.

She started to work everyday to be successful and learn the do’s and don’t in her work. No one is perfect but if you want something bad you have to work at it everyday to be successful.

Her favorite things to do and Like is: riding roller coasters, going to the movies, shopping in favorite brands in the mall which is Nike, Adidas, Pacsun. Like: puppies, horses, dolphins, and tigers more to this.

Sports Leads, and Favorite Brand Drinks: Monster Energy, Red Bull, Nike Skateboarding, more to this.

I want to give a shout out to all the people who help me along the way in my journal. My teachers from elementary through college. My Life coach Yelena, family and friends, neighbors, colleagues, teammates, and Chris as being apart of my business. I thank you all so much for helping me and guiding me, you know who you are. You can follow along by feedburner, checking out  my website to see products, looking around the page, and reading how Brown Skateboard got started.  Get updates in your inbox to receive my newsletter on Brown Skateboard products.

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Quote Credit: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/b/brucelee394186.html?src=t_success

Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/hutchphotos/5441711007/


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