Idols Career with Mic, Podcaster, James Manning

James Manning is a successful designer, podcast, skateboarder that has grown into his works in his career. Him and his teammate hit number #1 on iTunes in sports recreation, and professional category. He has a great journal in learning his way as a child and growing to turning his skills into talent.

James and his teammate podcast is about skateboarders, people who are doing great in their career. They interview, and listens to their stories. The audience will get a kick out of this because we love hearing other idols background, accomplishments, and how they got were they are at.

Click on the podcast link down below and you”ll will learn a lot from the idols expressing their success. Check out his social media links, and listen to him on iTunes.

James, has worked in varies of jobs. He has reached his goals by drawing, defining himself, and took on leads in what he enjoys.


Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire team-mates and customers. -Robin S. Sharma

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Questions I ask:

1. Tell me about your background and things you love to do?  Since I was very young, I was making things. I remember the first thing I ever made actually, it was a dinosaur made out of paper plates. I cut the plates and colored them to match what I thought dinosaurs looked like in my mind. I think I was 4 at the time. Since then, I have loved being able to make things. As a matter of fact, if I ever run into you at a party or convention, that will be my typical response to the inevitable question, “What do you do?”

Usually, I simply answer with, “I make things”. Its much easier then actually saying what I do, which would read more like a laundry list. Like many other serial entrepreneurs, I really enjoy juggling many projects and businesses all at once. Since making that paper plate dinosaur as a kid, I have ended up with a lot of varying types of projects and work experience. There’s no need to bore you with that laundry list of all my previous attempts, so here are only a few: I have been a skate shop store manager, fuel mechanic, music specialist, graphic/web designer, consultant, photographer, musician, product developer, and podcaster most recently.

Today I do consulting for a few companies and am the Creative Director for the Dallas design company, Royal Deca. RD started in my bands garage, alongside lead vocalist Richie Salazar, designing flyers for upcoming shows and events. Local venues, artists, musicians, and businesses took notice of these attention grabbing flyers, and started requesting some of their own. After years of varying projects and new talent added to the roster, the Royal Deca design company was born. The Royal Deca team members are all skateboarders, with an eye for innovation. We are a 100% skateboarder owned and operated company, with a mission to help skateboarders and the industry of skateboarding in any way we can.

2. When you were a kid, did you like skateboarding? Who is your ideal in skateboarding? I started skateboarding when I was like 16, which is considered very late these days. For example, my nephew has been on a board since he was 2, and many kids are starting around that age now. I was hooked on skateboarding once I saw the tricks that could be done. “Round 1: Rodney Mullen vs Daewon Song”, the skate video, changed everything for me. I fell in love with everything about street skating, since that video was really innovative for that type of skateboarding. I used to record my favorite music videos on my parents VCR back in the day, and just watch them over and over. So once I saw skateboarding videos, which use music and clips together, I was going crazy shooting videos of my own. My group of friends. my brother, and I skated every day without question for a long time. Skateboarding was life, and it still is for me. Don’t get me wrong, I am not good, at all. But I love it.

3. Who is the most influence person you podcast? Why? When I first started to listen to podcasts, I listened to Earwolf on a daily basis. It is a comedy network that makes unique podcasts under the umbrella of comedy, but with different types of shows. I listened to their shows using my headphones at various jobs, so entertained, and day dreaming of being able to do one of my own someday. Many years later, and after we started our own show, The Skate To Create Podcast, I was able to interview one of the founders of the Earwolf network, Jeff Ullrich. He is someone that I respect immensely, and really tried to emulate. It was such a thrill for me. I never thought in a million years that he would ever agree to be interviewed on our show, but hey, like he always says, “You gotta just ask”.

4. What is your position and responsibility in working at Royal Deca? As the head geek and creative lead on most projects, I spend most of my time brainstorming, creating graphics, shooting and editing video, skateboarding, painting, sketching, and developing original content for several brands at a time. I strive to be a rare combination of marketer and designer, which helps generate more for compelling content creation. As the Creative Director, I feel it is my role to handle both the technical and artistic aspects of our work with clients. When a problem calls for an innovative solution, I try to be the ‘go-to person’ for the answer. My daily mission is to inspire everyone to work to the best of their ability and encourage them to think outside the box.

5. Did you ever had any failures in your career? What did you gain from this? So many. Like I said, I have had many varying projects and businesses started. So of course, failures come with that. The best part about being a skateboarder, is that you get to practice falling down and picking yourself back up. Every time you go for a trick, there’s a chance that you will not aim correctly, or be going at just the right speed, and then you fall down. And a lot of times, it really hurts. Business is very much like that too. Which is why I feel that skateboarders make the best entrepreneurs and freelancers. They get it. Falling down is gonna happen, to all of us. Its all about not “staying down”. One way or another, you have to find a way to get back up again.

6. What can you tell him/she that is following their dreams? Just that anyone can do it. If you would like to follow your dreams, I think it all starts with defining exactly what those dreams are, WRITING THEM DOWN, and then taking small steps every day. I cannot emphasize the writing it down part enough. As pointless as it may seem, try it. It works just as much as “to do lists” do. Think about what you are passionate about at the moment. If you are passionate about something in particular, listen to a podcast or two about it. You might find that there is a whole community of people that are just as fascinated in that subject also. You will have an immediate bond with that community, and can start your world domination strategies together.

Skate To Create Podcast
Royal Deca Design


Inspiration for my music just comes from, you know, my life -experiences. – Avril Lavigne

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To everyone that is reading this take charge in your life and write down your goals for you can pursue them to become a better you in your life. If you’re serious, you will take charge now and do something about it. Please ask for help in any situation you’re in. If someone say’s “NO”. move on to someone to give you a “Yes”. Please read my other posts by learning other people success stories. Something will click in your mind that you want to chase after your dreams. Don’t hold on excuses, and complaining. Look into magazines, search keywords on internet on what you’re looking for. Please comment down below, share, email to friends.

Thanks for reading!

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