Leaders in their Career 4: trick, flip, trunk wheels, All I Need Skate Anthony Shetler

This is the 4th blog of me featuring someone in their career. Check out the previous blog post by just strolling down below. In this blog, you will be reading about pro skater Anthony Shetler, and watching an inspirational video about motivation. View his links down below to know more about him.

Having a skateboard community is a great place to free yourself and get away from negativity. If you ever watch skateboarders doing their own tricks on the streets and doing other physical things that will blow you away. you came to the right place. I can go on about skateboarders on doing their thing but they can do a lot that we haven’t seen in sports.

Of course, they go to contests, and huge crowd events. But they can show you some moves and tell you there back story on how they made the leads, and became entrepreneurs. They’re successful because they put in the work to get results from their fans.

Why are we not putting in our work everyday? It can be many things. But it’s up to us to be successful. Why? If you want to go far in life you have to put in the hours and time.

Quote my grandma from N.C told me: No one is not going to give you a job, or anything, if you don’t apply yourself.

Life is crazy sometimes. We don’t know what our future is going to go. We get stuck and don’t know what we want out of life. Some of us want to get rich over night, but few don’t because they want to add value to their market and drive in customers to know their work.

Motivational video base on our fear when we don’t know how to move forward.

Great Video to Watch

I am featuring pro skater Anthony Shetler. I have hand-pick the questions and he answer it to share with all of you. If you’re reading this please STOP and write down your dream for your life. If 2015 year is not going to get you no where, look around you and see where other people are doing with their life that you seen years ago. Something will change your mind.

1. Tell us briefly about yourself? My name is Anthony Shetler and I’m a professional skateboarder who runs his own brand All I Need skateboards.

2. What do you talk about in The Shelter Show podcast? Explain to audience? I invite interesting people from all walks of life to come on my podcast and discuss their passions.

3. Favorite terrain to skate? Boston and NYC are my favorite places to skate.

4. Tell us how it is being pro skateboarder doing different events? I love Skateboarding, I’ve dedicated my whole life to skateboarding. having the chance to be a pro skater has allowed be to travel the world and meet some of the most amazing people.

5. What can you tell a skateboarder that is going after his/her dreams in this profession? Make sure you really love the simple act of skateboarding!

Anthony Shetler links to check out:





To learn is to be educated and pick up the pieces to go after your dreams. If we don’t, then we become failures in our own success. Thank you for taking the time reading my 4th career success blog. Go and share my blogs, and social media with your friends and family. Tell me in the comment below in one word your dream.

Credit Image: http://pixabay.com/en/skateboard-skater-sport-radical-423803/

Credit YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjjYVROiJIA


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