Leaders in their Career 3: Graphic Designer Takes Over

Jacob Cass

As a graphic designer you experience a lot when you start to work in career jobs, working for clients, and doing pro-bono work. A lot of people in this field have experience in working hard, and working on complicated projects. I heard of so many stories that young and older professions go through to keep their job to do it right.

We have to keep a balance in our lives to be happy, get sleep, laugh with friends and family and share our love to other’s. Some people in the graphic design world had it very tough because some didn’t have a life, but it’s some who balance out their life to cherish the people and things around them. It’s so many authors, speakers, that talks about living a healthy life. I agree, I want to live a good life to stay focus, be happy, and balance my work of time with people I love.

If you feel that you hate your job. Do something that makes you happy and find amazing people to help you along the way.

Here is a list that might be helpful:

  • Hobbies- This is something that you do all the time and not aware of it. (Hint: Football, Video Game, Coaching, Teaching).
  • Team- Being a player on the field, interacting with team to come up with a plan.
  • Projects- Solve a problem, research search engine, talk to mangers and supervisors in retail store, workshops.
  • Home- Food-Maker, Art and Craft, Daycare, Web Developer, Bible Study, much more to this.

Find what you really want in a job. Then, write it down on a piece of paper to set your goals.

Today, I feature in my blog is Jacob Cass. His a well-known graphic designer that does public speaking, design work in what he loves to do and so much more. Here are the questions that he answer.

1. Tell me about yourself and how long have you been doing graphic design? I’m a graphic designer from Sydney, Australia currently living in New York and I specialize in logo design, branding, web design and more. I run a blog and design studio called Just Creative and a logo award scheme called ‘Logo of the Day. I’ve been doing design since 2005 and professionally, since 2009.

2. What set you apart from other’s that been in the field for so many years? I think everyone is unique in their own way, however what has really boosted my career is my blog and social media which has built up my personal brand and client base. My site Just Creative really is the backbone of my business.

3. What do success means to you? Explain? Success comes on so many different levels but what it comes down to is how you evaluate yourself… to your goals, your happiness and overall well being. I was fortunate enough to have a loving upbringing and right now am living the good life… but that’s not to say it could not be any better. It could always get better, and it could always get worse too.

4. What did you do when you finish college and how can you tell a student that is looking for work in field of study? I finished studying in 2009 and luckily already had a job lined up before I had finished studying as I was offered a job (via Twitter) for a NYC design studio about 6 months out from graduation. I accepted the job and moved from Sydney to New York as soon as I finished. More on that story here: http://justcreative.com/2009/07/24/aussie-goes-nyc/

I know this doesn’t really give advice on how to get a job, but it does show that if you put your head down and focus on your studies, doors will open. Just keep at it. Here is an article for more advice: http://justcreative.com/2009/01/21/advice-for-graphic-design-students/

5. How did you get motivated to work in your field and other projects? Motivation comes naturally as I am passionate about design, typography and creating things in general. I also try to travel as much as I can to keep things fresh, which in turns means you have more energy to stay motivated.

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If you’re reading this blog, comment down below and do something about your career. Start taking action in what you really want out of life and you will go far in meeting with the right people around you. Thanks for reading.


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