Leaders in their Career: Art Director Mission

This is the second blog in featuring someone in their career. Check out part one with more questions answered!

I learn everyday to keep up with social media, technology, news and more things that is going on in this world. I read magazines on how people became millionaires from being broke. I like reading interesting things that will be a good seed in my life. It shows me I can keep pursing my dreams no matter where you’re from.

I freelance in doing graphic design for a while this year in 2014. I only worked with three clients to gain experience. I always wanted to know how to work with clients in my field. I had challenges as I worked with them. I stayed my core, and was patient in doing their projects. What I have gain in doing their work is working smarter, being patient, having invoice ready, following up, and redoing their work that needed a change. I was ready and sure of myself to work with clients because of my gust feeling.

In the past, I wasn’t ready at all. I was given a freelance project that a Realtor wanted me to work on in his upcoming project. I set in the coffee shop and listen to his ideas. I was a beginner. As I went to my college the following day. I started working on his work. I came up with my own ideas in drawing colorful, black and white bicycles with tools that came in mind. I had 5 pages with drawings and I scan all of them. I was so excited! I send over all the work I did for him. Then he send an email back stating it wasn’t what he was looking for. I was devastated, and didn’t understand. I later, understood that everything is not for you. It’s for someone else. I learned my lesson as a graphic designer. I took notice of a lot of things I was doing wrong because someone told me or I took notice of it myself.

Lesson here is not to give up on what you’ll not ready for. Be prepared, and get someone to guide you to what you’re lacking in. If not, teach yourself because it will matter at the end.

Today feature is a art director opens up about his success in past and present. Here are questions he answered in his career.

1. Please could you tell us briefly about your education/career background?  I originally went to school for photography but started messing around with the computer and getting more into doing design work. I ended up moving out to Portland, OR to attend school at PNCA where I studied design. In between all that was a lot of trial and error and a lot of long nights screen printing at ABC No-Rio in NYC.

2. What compels you to design and what do you do on your free time at work? What compels me to design is the same thing that got me into photography. Being able to tell a story or convey a message across to people. A lot of my freelance stuff that ends up as shirts is usually just whatever is floating around in my head at the time. I don’t really ever have free time at work but I usually will check a few websites throughout the day.

3. What do you enjoy in being a Art Director at Duane Road Group? My job at Dune Road is great, it is a very far throw my normal work and is pushing me in a different direction than I am used to. The challenge of working with a different type of client is fun.

4. Did you fail some-point in your career. If so, How did you overcome it? Almost every single day I feel like I am failing ha ha. It’s hard doing creative work and it has it’s ups and downs. The best way to overcoming it is going to a regular job and realizing how awful it is.

5. What advice can you give someone who is starting out in their career?  If you are just starting out expect to make a lot of mistakes and pay attention to everything around you and take influences from a lot of different sources.

Brendan Vail works on more projects on the side. To check out his video view it here.

If you’re reading this blog please share it with other’s. Don’t just stop by and read. Write your story in your career about your success breakthrough.


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