Leaders in their Career

This blog feature is short in answering questions in people careers. Are you ready? So am I. This blog will continue as I gather more people to join the career blog.

When I was in elementary school I was very active in sports. I join the Special Olympians and sign- up when my teacher told me about the exciting things that happens when we anticipate. I was in the 5th grade. I was living in Washington D.C where I was born and rise.  I didn’t know sports was very rough, playful, and can earn awards. I was a  very shy girl that didn’t have a clue in interacting with other kids in sports. My teacher persuasive me in doing different kinds of sports in this journal.

For myself, I was scared, and didn’t know what I was getting into. But I took a chance and tried it out.

I loved it!

When me and my team from my classes started we all had to be in a parade on an track and field ground with other student’s from other schools in the district and out.

Sports I have been in is swimming, track and field, volleyball, softball, skating.The best thing in all these sports I join is that I receive gold/silver medals with lots of certificates. The sad news is that when It was time for me to graduate and get transfer to another school in starting junior high school. All my medals, certification got burned in my grandma apartment where I live. But I still have memories and know what I did to love sports and tried something that I never thought I couldn’t do.

Today feature is a athletic open up about his success. Here are questions I told him to answer in his career. Hope you go back home thinking what you want to achieve in your goals.


My name is Justin Christopher, I am the Head skateboard instructor and skate camp counselor at Smugglers Notch Resort when the summer time hits Vermont, and the Terrain Parks Supervisor at Jay Peak Resort when things freeze up. I’m going on 3 years at both places. I got into these career paths because skating and riding are my passions. I want to use these passions for a way of life, work, and getting involved with the community. Over the years I have also done a lot of volunteer work to re build my home skate park, raise money for foundations and organizations of choice, and give the community events and activities to do.


1. Why do you love skateboarding, and snow boarding?
I love these two sports because they truly center my mental being and give me my individuality. They are what separates me from the negative world and my well being. An escape some can call it.

2. What is your goal for 2015 in your career?
My goal for 2015 is to better promote myself and find different places to seek out work in these fields to gain more experience/knowledge and connections.

3. Did you fail once in your life to do what you enjoy? explain.
I honestly can say i’ve never failed at doing what I enjoy. I have failed trying other things but when it comes to my happiness and enjoyment out of life, I don’t mess around. If your happy, life is good.

4.Why should your audience get to know you in your business?
I am extremely passionate about it, and want to progress with the industry. I will do what ever it takes to make a difference in my career paths. I always want to see through the next step in bettering myself and the industry.

Justin Social Media: LinkedIn

Thank you for reading this blog. If you like this give feedback and don’t be shy to share to your friends, family, and colleagues.


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